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Before you submit we want to ask you little favours:
  • The website has to be cool, one of those websites that you visit often.
  • Links inside must not be encrypted, they must be safe.
    These are ok:, or
    But not this: http://guE55WheRe15endY0u/haHaha13256virus2516threat5515sd87dsdsds82b28b187h8ki25jh77gh&c1ick4ndDie
  • Websites with self-opening new windows, auto redirections and PC harming popups will not be added to the catalog, please get rid of them. Safe ads are ok.
  • If you are adding any similar websites list or catalog, you also have to include our website. We think it's a good deal.
  • If you want us to notify you about approving or rejecting your websites, leave us your email. Otherwise, it's not necessarry.